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Chimney Liner Repairs

Per NFPA standards, all chimneys are required to have a flue liner that is free of defects, in order to convey the dangerous products of combustion (heat, smoke, toxic gases) to the atmosphere. If your flue liner is cracked, deteriorated, is missing mortar between the liners, or if your home was built before 1940 and doesn’t have a liner, call us today to schedule your flue liner repairs. We offer several options to repair, reline, or bypass faulty liners that will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

What We Offer

Flue liners can be missing, cracked, or damaged. They need to be repaired to safely use your fireplace. We offer several options including installing a stainless-steel insulated liner and connecting it to a wood or gas burning fireplace insert. Another option we offer is a larger insulated stainless-steel liner and keep the fireplace as “open”.

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