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Chimney Doctor
Chimney Doctor
Chimney Doctor
Chimney Doctor
Chimney Doctor
Chimney Doctors

Common Repairs

We are equipped to handle virtually any repair to your fireplace, stove or chimney.

Chimney Caps
A chimney cap is an integral part of a fireplace system and serves several critical functions. The first is to keep water out of the system, which can cause severe damage to the liner and mortar joints between the liner sections. A cap also prevents debris and animals from entering the chimney, either of which could cause a blockage of the system creating an unsafe and potentially hazardous condition. Additionally a chimney cap also has a spark arrestor that keeps dangerous sparks from flying out onto your roof, or property & causing a fire. A factory built or woodstove chimney MUST have the proper cap in order for the chimney to remain cool. Installing the wrong cap could cause a disastrous structural fire.

Crown Repair
A chimney crown (the mortar pad at the top of the chimney) prevents water from entering the masonry that makes up the exterior chimney. Water that enters the chimney crown can cause costly repairs not only to the chimney but also to your ceiling, walls or attic. Preventing water entry is serious business that should not be taken lightly. We can repair or rebuild your crown to ensure that water stays where it belongs – outside!

Chase Top
A chase top is the large metal flashing near the top of the actual box or “chase” that hides the chimney pipe of your pre –fabricated fireplace. Typically chase covers are made too small, or they are designed or installed incorrectly. Water can “pool” and enter the chase area corroding A rusted section of pre-fab chimney can be expensive to replace, it should also be noted that if your chase is not properly fire-stopped then water can be falling directly on top of your fireplace. Since the pre-fab fireplace is made of all metal components a rusted out fireplace may need to be completely removed and replaced.

Storm Collar
A storm collar is a small piece of metal flashing that wraps around the chimney as it exits the chase cover through the chase collar. Without a storm collar water can enter the chase freely and run down the entire length of the chimney. This is another major source of costly water damage that could easily be avoided.

Gaps Between Flue Liners – Liner Gap Repair
Often times a masonry fireplace will have missing mortar in between flue tile sections. This condition can be caused by rainwater (due to a missing chimney cap), improper original construction, earthquake or just normal wear and tear. These openings can allow the escape of combustion products – this can be HAZARDOUS! The main purpose, and in fact code requirement for a solid and viable flue liner is to safely convey the smoke, heat, and toxic gases outside of the house and into the atmosphere. With these gaps in the system the chimney can no longer serve its intended function. The flue liner must be repaired. Fortunately, we have a fantastic system called Fireguard that repairs the problem! Prior to this great product being invented, the only choice we had in addressing the liner gaps was to either install a fireplace insert and reline the chimney, or to tear down and rebuild the chimney. Fireguard can save thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Missing, Cracked or Damaged Flue Liners – Chimney Relining
Flue liners, which are typically either concrete or terra cotta, unfortunately crack and deteriorate and MUST be repaired before the fireplace can be used. We have several repair options available, depending on each individual circumstance. Installing a stainless steel insulated liner down the existing masonry flue and connecting it to a wood or gas burning fireplace insert is one method. Another possibility is to install a much larger insulated stainless steel liner and keep the fireplace as “open”, a technically challenging but possible repair, depending on several factors.